Glasses and accessories
for bartenders

For bar, cocktail and drink service professionals, there are never enough tools, it is a world in constant turmoil. Each season and each new product requires its own presentation method: from the tumbler for the Negroni, to the copper cup of the Moscow Mule, to the sombrero cup of the Margarita, every drink has its own glass! It is in this boundless material that glasses find their maximum expression and usefulness, as well as the infinite possibilities of customization.

Create your next invention with us…


A vast selection of models for bar service, from classics to the most innovative proposals. Pairing the right glass with each cocktail is a combination that completes the pleasure of this moment. Tumblers are the most used products because they are very versatile, whether they are low – old fashion – or tall and narrow.


Our selection of bartender tools and professional objects for the world of mixology. The world of accessories for the bartender is constantly expanding, we offer a series of indispensable objects: from shakers, to the stirrer, the jigger, the strainer, each object has its importance.

Each product is worked with care and attention: there are many techniques used to create and personalize each object, find out what they are!

Our sales staff and technical office will be at your side to define how to customize porcelain products and accessories. The best solution is the one that satisfies your taste and your brand identity.