Glasses, goblets and mugs
for every kind of beer

“Chi beve birra campa cent’anni” (Who drinks beer lives a hundred  years) the slogan used in a famous commercial in the ‘80s was a huge springboard for beer in Italy. Since then, marketing power, per capita beer consumption in our country has always been growing although still very far from European standards (Czech Republic and Germany in the first place). As well as the palate of regular consumers has refined towards quality and special beers. The development of Italian craft beers has given further impetus to the sector, with the birth of hundreds of breweries.

The peculiarity of the local product has been such that the Italian State has promulgated a specific legislation that establishes parameters and characteristics of craft beers.

The thousands of types of beer in the world have also given great impetus to the glass industry for the production of glasses and goblets: an inseparable binomial. “Each beer has its own glass” has also become a commonly use saying!

bicchiere personalizzato

Every product is made with care and attention: many techniques are used to create and customize each item, find out what they are!

Our sales staff and technical department will be by your side to define the customization of porcelain products and accessories. The best solution is the one that satisfies your taste and your brand identity.