Every item
has its history
as each of us

What we care do not come up with shortcuts. Every object that comes from our company is the result of the work of a team of craftsmen, technicians, designers, administrative and commercial employees, warehouse workers…

From concept through definitive planning, from realization to the shipping, behind every plate, glass, bottle or cup, there are people who love what they do and who realize it with passion, competence and attention to detail.

For 40 years we have been moving towards the future taking with us our history and everything we have learned, committing ourselves every day to grow and improve, learning from mistakes and updating carefully on new technologies.

Many of us joined the company as barely eighteen-year-old apprentices and we have gone through these years building a professional and personal path. Experiences that made us who we are now, bringing inside FARA all our ideas and thoughts, sharing with colleagues every daily aspect.