Assaggiaolio® glasses are made following the indications given in the Oils tasting regulations drawn up by the International Olive Oil Council. The standard defines the technical characteristics of the glass for the organoleptic analysis of edible oils.

They are handcrafted in blown glass, in cobalt blue as required by regulations (dark glass) and in transparent version.

The glasses are equipped with two types of lids: the clear watch cover lid (as outlined in the legislation) and the lid with knob for a different aesthetic.

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From the collaboration with food service professionals who make oil one of the main elements of their cooking, the evolution of the Oil tasting glass is born: Degustaolio.
A project to attract the consumer to high-quality E.V.O. oil in restaurants and allow professionals to make it appreciated by customers.

Degustaolio is rightly an evolution of the technical glass for tasting: through three characteristics it acquires additional functionalities.

The shape remains suitable also for tasting, the spout makes it easy to pour the oil on food, the wider edge favors its use for a possible pinzimonio.

The project is completed with special trays and dishes created for serving  oil at table.

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