Bottles, carafes
and glasses for water

With Legislative Decree no. 181/2003, the method of service of water suitable for human consumption that is not pre-packaged and tapped at the time of use, in catering and public establishments was established. Italy, the largest European consumer of bottled water, is also at the top of the continental ranking for the quality of tap water.
The large consumption of water in our country is moving, also thanks to the environmentalist push, increasingly towards the abandonment of bottled water in favor of tap water filtered with special machinery.


Our range of bottles satisfies the aesthetic and logistical tastes of every type of business and the internal decoration laboratory is able to customize the products according to your needs. Each bottle can be customized with logo and decorations.


The water glass allows you to make your table special: sober and elegant, colourful, with the strangest and most original shapes, engraved or personalized, it is one of your business cards. On our page a range of glasses for still and sparkling water, from classic to modern flavours.

Each product is worked with care and attention: there are many techniques used to create and personalize each object, find out what they are!

Our sales staff and technical office will be at your side to define how to customize porcelain products and accessories. The best solution is the one that satisfies your taste and your brand identity.