Cups and accessories
for bar service

Italy is tenth in the world in the ranking of coffee consumption per capita (about 6 kg per year per person) and in each of the more than 150,000 bars on the national territory an average of 175 cups are served per day. The espresso coffee at the bar is a true icon of the “Italian style” in the world as well as the dozens of variables: short, long, macchiato, laced, mokaccino and many others. As a result of this and the imagination of the barmen, the objects on which to present it are no longer limited to the simple porcelain cup. In our assortment we offer numerous variations of cups, glasses, bowls that can enhance the preparations of the most popular drink in the world.


Usually the tasting of a good espresso coffee recommends a truncated cone shape cup, with an internal oval base, thicker at the bottom to maintain the temperature, 65-70 cc content.

The cappuccino allows greater freedom, although  the enlarged oval bottom is always advisable, as well as a large enough diameter to allow for a compact and uniform foam.

Bar service

Articles for the professional service of coffee and infusions. To serve coffee some items are essential, the stainless steel milk jugs and creamer for cappuccino, the trays, the sugar bowls.

Every product is made with care and attention: many techniques are used to create and customize each item, find out what they are!

Our sales staff and technical department will be by your side to define the customization of porcelain products and accessories. The best solution is the one that satisfies your taste and your brand identity.