The chromatic trends of the next season are oriented towards a bolder palette in which we prefer shades such as emerald green, midnight blue combined with warm shades.

In particular, all those shades of coral orange return; the latter was the leitmotif of the Milan design week 2024, a bright, sunny, decidedly more cheerful shade that does not seem to scare more designers today.

The colors proposed by the brands reflecting a desire for rebirth and innovation, are inspired in large part by the colors of nature, and sunset to be combined with more neutral shades.

Although it is an eclectic list, the skilful use of colors contributes to creating environments rich in personality and character.

Natural materials such as light wood and textile fibers provide a perfect balance to the vibrant tones, creating a harmonious and pleasing environment. The combination of vibrant and natural colors promises to be a strong trend for the near future, inspiring creativity and innovation in various artistic and design fields.

Through the painting technique we had fun playing with the most popular colors of the moment, in order to inspire the creation of new products. The possibility of obtaining transparent or opaque, glossy and opaque colors give different tactile and visual sensations for each project.

In the photos below our versions of a Home Fragrance bottle with trendy colors.

painting technique
painting technique
home fra
profumatore ambiente

Home Fragrance bottle deep green transparent Glossy, cane sugar transparent Glossy and matt.

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