FARA Srl is certified according to Directive 2014/32/EU

We are proud to have obtained the Certification of our Quality System according to the requirements of the European Directive 2104/32 for the implementation of capacity measurements (MI-008).

Our company is now able to produce products with a CE weight line compliant with the provisions of the MID Directive (Measuring Instruments Directive), implemented in Italy with the Legislative Decree. 84/2016, relating to the design and production of homogeneous measuring instruments throughout the European Community.

It is an important regulation in the sector of serving drinks in public places, which acts to protect the consumer: it is in fact established that the containers for serving drinks by the glass (goblets, glasses) must bear a weight line with the CE symbol indicating the service content. It is therefore mandatory that the operator, when serving drinks, uses tools (goblets, carafes, glasses) that have the certified weight line printed on them.

The CE weight line (with indication of the manufacturer, the number of the Notified Body responsible for controlling the manufacturer’s quality system, and the indication of the year of production) is a guarantee of a certified and controlled production procedure.

legend of the indications shown on the glass

It is possible to check the list of all Notified Bodies, and therefore authorized by the European Union to certify companies producing products with notches for pourable drink containers, on the EC.EUROPA.EU website in the N.A.N.D.O. section. (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisation).

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